“You rock! My first coaching with you and I booked a sitcom!!” – Gregg Martin, Actor
Michael is insightful, intuitive, and truly masterful  – a great actor, a great teacher! His critique of my work was insightful, inspirational and right on – it transformed me! – Akuyoe Graham, Los Angeles
Michael knows exactly what he wants from us and helps coach us to find it ourselves. He has a unique perspective – a blend of science and art – and is truly a gifted instructor. He offers great tips and secrets of the Biz. – Jonathan Bell, Vancouver
Every single direction Michael gave resulted in a huge change in the character/scene. He nailed it every time and found the “one” thing that would make it work for each actor. And it’s a blast!  – Natascha Berg, Los Angeles
I love the hands on, respectful approach. Michael has a very kind and thoughtful ability to help actors.  – J. Dyer, San Francisco
Michael is captivating and a master of his craft.  Everything he said was gold.  His instincts are on point, and his ability to teach is outstanding. – A. Correlas
Michael is a brilliant teacher. His ability to communicate is awesome! It’s not easy to truly reach the soul of the actor and Michael did it with ease.  What I liked most were the “magic moments” that came through self-assessment.  He gave wonderful, undivided attention to each actor. I wish it could have lasted longer although Michael jammed in a s much valuable time as possible. Couldn’t get enough!  – C. Cox
I loved the time he dedicated to each student. Michael has a way of connecting with each individual actor and tap into their specific needs. It never feels like he’s  using the same comment for everyone. Absolutely amazing workshop!!!!! – Erika Santillana, New York
Great workshop! Amazing insructor! Michael’s intuition is bang on! His understanding of the whole person is uncanny. Michael is truly a gifted instructor. -S. Beckles, Toronto
The workshop was marvelous!  I feel like I am walking away with precious knowledge that I didn’t have before.  I really appreciated how invested Michael was in each of us and our work and had no problem pushing us past our comfort zones.,.. I rarely found my mind drifting. I was constantly learning, even when he was working with other actors, and loved how he took the time to turn mistakes into lessons for everyone.  It was wondrous!                       – Bree Wasylenko
I learned from every element of the workshop. I never felt bored or watched the clock the entire time.  He was very good at giving one on one attention while still including the entire class.  Michael is brilliant and everything he said resonated with me in some way or another.  – Courtney Tinney, Toronto
Michael gave me the most confidence I’ve ever had in a class.  He is great at fostering an actor’s talent to reach a clarity in the work.  Not only did I learn about process, I learned about myself. – C. Benton, Toronto
What I love most is to see Michael “deal” with al the different, beautiful people (old, young, experienced, new, etc.)  It feels like family.   He is generous, knd and knowledgable.  – S. Williamson, Toronto
Michael has the perfect blend of firm insistence and gentle compassion.  He doesn’t let people off the hook with their habits, but is always kind and generous and loving.  I’ve had very few teachers who get this balance right.     – Adam Bradley, Toronto
Michael has a great attitude and philosophy. He offers a wondreful balance of firmness and compassion. No ego! He gives very clear direction, is organized, patient and humorous.  – Nathan Cottell, Vancouver
Michael is encouraging, respectful, down-to-earth and approachable.  – Brian Sutton, Vancouver
I feel like I’m walking away with a new outlook on not only my acting, but as well as life  thanks to you!                    – Emily Hull, Toronto
Michael meticulously chooses his words.  He is kind and considerate, yet constructive at the same time.                 – Jessie Arora, Toronto
I like the way we deeply analyze individual aspects of every scene.  Michael seems to give great advice with very few words and reminds actors of their truth. – Liam Sullivan, Los Angeles
Michael is dedicated to getting us to work organically. He always lets us know what works physically on camera and what doesn’t.  I like that he is able to see into people’s inner sanctum as wit were; I think that is vital to development as a human as well as an actor!! – Asta Abraham, Toronto
Michael is intuitive and connected to his students and is exceptional at pulling out their blocks and where they need to work.  He is great at adjusting his teaching style, catering to each actor at their level. – Adam F., Toronto
“Michael explained the human voice as an instrument in a way that let me actually understand how best to use it – and what I needed to learn and work on. The facility was amazing and the use of a real booth and engineer helped the non-craft side of auditions and work – dealing with microphones, copy stands, direction over the intercom, etc.  Working with others created wonderful friendship and sharing opportunities.” -Patrick K.
“The first exercise was a great visual of where to find characters. Loved the copy. Michael is a great director, so patient and positive.  He always found a way to move us forward.” -Sara P.
“Really great information for me. Loved the placement exercise. It allowed everyone to practice outside of their comfort zone right up front! And get most of the awkwardness out at the beginning.  Michael creates a very safe place to try new things. Very fun and supportive.”-Lisa L.
“Michael is amazing! I have taken a number of workshops for animation but either by CD’s or technicians.  Never have I learned about placement or care of the voice so so much about options for characters. I am inspired! Thank you!”-Lizzie C.
“I found it really helpful to hear others and the difference between takes.  I needed to learn the differences between live action acting and VO animation acting.  Michael helped me fine tune the animation voices right for me.”– Linnea D.
“I learned new techniques to attack animation which is completely different from commercial technique.  Thank you for creating a safe space to explore, learn and challenge myself to improve.  I highly recommend Michael’s workshop to anyone interested animation voice-over.”-Melissa T.
“I liked the info and exercises re placement.  Michael’s approach was gentle, supportive and positive. I liked that a lot.  I liked that he had something to offer for everyone. Lots to learn from!” -Susanna L.