We are actors because we love it. We share a deep passion for expressing ourselves through performance and we feel a rush of aliveness and fulfillment when we do it well. But, inevitably, we find ourselves in a hit and miss pattern of being out of flow, not quite getting it right, and we end up feeling frustrated because we know deep in our hearts that we have the talent, passion and commitment to do better. In reality, the only thing that stops us from reaching our potential is ourselves. We get in our own way. The good news is that we are flexible and ever-changing, and we can transform our blocks.
These blocks are the result of what I call “Actor’s Agenda”. They are the conscious and/or sub-conscious desires and fears that belong to you the actor. In contrast, “Character Agenda” is the set of desires and fears that belong to the character you are playing.
The mind can only focus on one intention at a time.  When we’re focused, have done our text analysis, and are emotionally connected, we are playing all out Character Agenda. We are playing the character’s needs and intentions and we’re fully in the story.  The result is that the performance is interesting, specific and authentic.
When we’re self conscious, self critical, focused on our nervousness… that’s when we’re in Actor Agenda. We are putting energy into OUR wants and needs rather than the character’s.  “I want to win this audition”. “I want to impress the director”, “I need money”, and so on. The performance ends up being general and uninteresting because it’s watered down by our own agenda, whether it’s conscious or not.
My task is to help you gain skills and techniques to identify and act from the Character’s Agenda and to identify and transcend Actor’s Agenda. This requires training in the craft of acting, but also requires a willingness on the part of the actor to step courageously into the self. Through this work, I help actors transform blocks into brilliance.
The teacher-student relationship is one that is sacred to me.  I hold the utmost respect for your creative process. I am direct, honest, and I hold you in your strength to hear the truth, but I will help you arrive with warmth and dignity. That’s my promise. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.